Happy Holidays from the Women’s Institute for Science, Equity and Race

As we wrap-up 2019, I have good news to share.  Board Member Rebecca Dixon has been selected to serve as the Executive Director of the National Employment Law Project.  Board Member Tamara Jeffries and I were selected as 33 scholars you should know in a Black Enterprise article.  I am also excited to have been named to the Center for American Progress’ National Advisory Council on Eliminating the Black-White Wealth Gap.

The fall provided several opportunities for me to share our mission.  In September, as part of the Sulzberger Distinguished Lecturer Series, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University,  I presented The Real Superwoman: Grandmothers as Caregivers.  I received valuable feedback from scholars and community members, which has pushed the release of the report to January. 2020.

October provided more opportunities to share WISER’s mission.  At the 2019 EARNCON Conference, I was a panelist for the  Economic Policy Institute’s (EPI) Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy’s plenary session.  I discussed how effective policy solutions hinge on disaggregating the data and why we should use caution when using the terms women of color or Black Girl Magic.  The plenary was well-received and led to an invitation to participate in EPI’s State of Working America Podcast Series, which gave me another platform to discuss the importance of data for crafting effective policy.

I recorded the EPI podcast while I was in D.C. to be a panelist for the 16th Annual Branton Symposium, hosted by the Howard University Law School. My panel “Framing the Next Civil Rights Agenda” provided an opportunity for me to discuss how the production of few American born economists impacts research that will support civil rights cases and has consequences for American economic and social policy.  My comments at Howard were a spin on my responses at the “Gender and Career Progression Conference” hosted by the Joint Bank of England, Federal Reserve Board, and European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

In Frankfurt, I reminded participants that exclusion is not limited to access to education, healthcare, and other goods and services but also in the ways we collect data.  I wrapped up the year with a trip to Las Vegas for the National Employment Law Project’s National Conference; WE’RE ALL IN!  I discussed the demographics of the recession and recovery, focusing on the gains and losses for women.  The audience was so engaged that I exceeded my time limit, Yay!

My final interview was with the BBC’s In the Balance to discuss Boardroom quotas for women.  I was a guest along with Anastasia Boden, an attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation, Tamara Box, managing partner at Reed Smith and founding member of the 30% Club, and Neelie Kroes, former EU digital commissioner.  We discussed the pros and cons of mandatory quotas for female equality in the corporate world.  I expressed concern that California corporations will not build the partnerships necessary to broaden opportunities for all women, not just white women. I have also been a guest on the BBC’s Business Matters several times this year.

As the year comes to an end, and I reflect on 2019, I am thankful for all the opportunities provided to promote WISER’s mission. But I am most grateful to you.  With your support, we exceeded WISER’s Birthday fundraising goal of $3,080 and were just shy of our “WISER Women” fundraising goal of $5,300.  THANK YOU!

There are 7 days left to make a tax-deductible donation for 2019 and make a positive impact this giving season.  YOU can support the policies that affect Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Native American women.

Please make a gift today. Give online at http://www.wiserpolicy.org/donation-2/

In 2020, I am committed to increasing WISER’s voice in conversations about issues and policies that impact Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Native American women.  I hope you will continue to support our efforts by contributing in March, WISER’s Birthday fundraiser, and in August, the “WISER Women” fundraiser.

Happy Holidays,
Rhonda V. Sharpe