It Is A New Year

A new year brings excitement about new beginnings – a new congress, new legislation (minimum wage increases for several states), new healthy habits, and new opportunities to advocate for a more equitable society.

I am excited about our partnership with the Family Economic Mobility Division of Share Our Strength.  WISER will provide data analysis that will shift the narratives about single low-income mothers and help shape initiatives that increase the intragenerational economic mobility of these mothers.

I am excited about the research and recommendations Himaja will provide to promote the digital well-being of children and seniors and to increase digital literacy, especially for rural populations.
I am also excited about the new research and recommendations Jerry will provide that will inform how we support citizens returning to society after incarceration and determine the childcare needs of parents and guardians.

This year, we will welcome our third Inclusive Peer Onsite Distance (IPOD) Mentoring cohort.  I anticipate extending congratulations to cohort 1 and 2 mentees who will enter doctorate programs in economics. 

We will be recruiting new board members.  Please let me know if you are interested in serving on our board or would like to recommend someone.

We recognize that WISER Wednesday emails are informative but can be lengthy.  So, we will provide shorter emails with links to blog posts and reports on our website.

I am excited about all that 2023 will bring.

Rhonda V. Sharpe