Statement of Solidarity

I am delighted to report that 1,800 people registered for the webinar, “Rebuilding the House That Anti-Blackness Built in Our COVID Response.”  You can watch the webinar here.  I was quoted in a New York Times article and will be a guest on NPR’s “Marketplace” on Monday evening.  I’ll be talking about the importance of disaggregating data.

Instead of writing a separate statement about George Floyd’s death and subsequent protests, we provided a statement of solidarity.

The Women’s Institute for Science, Equity and Race stands with the National Economic Association (NEA) and the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) in denouncing these acts of violence against Black people and the Black community.   We echo the cries for justice from the families and protesters.  In the words of Rev. Sharpton, it is time for America to remove the knee of oppression off the necks of Black Americans.  Therefore, WISER will continue to illuminate nuances in data and advocate for effective policy changes.

Read NEA’s and NAM’s statements.

In solidarity,