IPOD Program

It is hard to believe how quickly a year has gone by. This weekend, we bring in our second cohort of the Inclusive, Peer, Onsite, Distance Mentoring Program.
The IPOD Program is a unique project at WISER to diversify the economics pipeline. Supported by generous funding from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, NSF, and Amazon, to name a few, the program is only open to individuals that complete the AEA Summer Training Program at Howard University.
The IPOD Program seeks to fill the support gap between the time students complete the AEA Summer Training Program and when they would typically apply to graduate school.
Students are matched into small group mentoring pods based on their research interests and professional goals. We make sure to have economist mentors from both academic and non-academic spaces. This year we are looking forward to having a few of our mentors host a virtual panel sharing their experiences as economists in the Tech industry.
In addition to thsmall group mentoring pods, mentees also have access to resources such as GRE prep, reimbursement for graduate school application fees, math courses, textbooks, research assistantships, and professional development funding.
We are so proud of the hard work and commitment of mentees and mentors from our first cohort- read more in the first edition of the IPOD Program Newsletter

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