Humble vs. Humiliation

First, I’d like to thank you for your support.  We received donations to support inclusive peer, onsite, and distance mentoring (IPODS), and in honor of Betsey Hoffmanfeminist economistsPhyllis Swinton, Betty and Bertha Hopson, Doris Leach, Ethel Sharpe, and Alice Wooten.  I am incredibly grateful to those who donated in my honor or, as one donor said, ” in honor of all the folks whose lives you make more beautiful.”  We raised over $13,000 and have received a 3-year pledge towards the support of the IPODS.  I’ll tell you more about the IPODS next week.

As I consider your generous support, I am reminded of this quote:

“Work hard, stay humble.”

But I am also reminded that many this Labor Day weekend will have worked hard and will still find themselves without health care coverage to receive treatment for any illness, not just COVID-19.  They will have worked hard and will find themselves without an adequate unemployment system to replace wages.  They will have worked hard and will find themselves without equitable representation in government or policy-making organizations, and without a livable wage.

This Labor Day, as we celebrate the contributions workers have made to the prosperity and well-being of our society, let us remember that there is a difference between humility and systemic humiliation.

Have a safe holiday weekend!