How Do You Model Inclusion?

This morning, during my Business Statistics class, I checked in with my students about election results.  As we’ve just finished creating confidence intervals, the results were a good starting point.  Students commented about the sample used for the polls versus who voted.

I am happy to report that their answers showed an excellent connection to the material we had covered.

I shared with the class something I’ve been saying during webinars on diversity and inclusion. Specifically, we talk about an inclusive America, but we model tribalism.

I saw a tweet that said, “If you voted for Donald Trump, we cannot be friends.”

I do not propose to be an expert on inclusive spaces. Tweets of this sort, however, ignore the complexity of human beings.

As I know anxiety is high, I’ll leave you with two questions.

How do you model inclusion?  What can you do to move us towards a more inclusive America?
I am hopeful for a peaceful and respectful end to a challenging election season.