“Giving Is Not Just About Making a Donation.”

On this eve of Christmas Eve, we celebrate the arrival of vaccines from several pharmaceutical companies and the signing of a much-needed COVID relief bill. Yet, we cannot gloss over the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on Asian, Black, Hispanic, Indigenous American, and Multiracial women. The pandemic has led to job loss, loss of life, and exacerbated inequality.

As Nina Banks reminded us earlier this year, these women are more likely to experience food insecurity due to living in food deserts and being employed in low-wage jobs.

Throughout the year, I have promoted the disaggregation of data, stressed the importance of language (women and minorities, and essential vs. expendable workers), and asked that we focus on the vulnerable. A donation to WISER will allow us to continue to challenge policy frameworks,  produce research using a microanalysis approach, and to share thought-provoking weekly emails.  

Will you make a year-end, tax-deductible donation to support our efforts to advocate for inclusive public policy?

Together we can create a society that is inclusive of the needs of Asian, Black, Hispanic, Indigenous American, and Multiracial women. Be safe and well this holiday season.