Building a WISER Generation of Women

On Saturday, we kicked off our WISER Women Campaign!   The WISER Women Campaign has several goals and ways you can support our efforts.

  1. You can support us financially.  This year we are asking our community, “Has a woman been influential in your life?” Who is the first woman you think of? Consider donating an amount equivalent to that woman’s age in her honor.  My birthday is next Tuesday, August 11. I’ll be 54.
  2. Follow us on social media.  We need 54 more subscribers on YouTube to get a custom URL. This is a really fast and simple way to help. Also, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  3. Consider writing a blog for us or reaching out to share your ideas for research.
  4. Connect us with grassroots organizations that need our expertise.  We want to help these organizations put data with narratives to strengthen their message.
  5. Promote our work by encouraging others to sign up for WISER Wednesday.  Share our infographics, videos, and blogs.

How many of you were affected by hurricane Isaias? How many of you live in the path of hurricanes? The National Weather Service is predicting an active hurricane season. Historically, late August to October is when more storms become hurricanes. This is also when college students will be returning to campuses. Can you say trifecta—hurricane season, COVID-19, and millions of young people gathering on college campuses?  

Now, imagine facing these challenges as an immigrant in the US without permanent residency status. For a clearer picture of what these immigrant women and their families will face, we encourage you to read, “A Perfect Storm: Hurricane Season, a Global Pandemic, and Immigrant Populations.”

We hope that you will choose one of the ways above to support us.  We’d love to know the name of the woman who inspires you to support our goal of a more inclusive society.

Thanks for your support!