Positives to Negatives

Women’s History Month is a time for me to celebrate another year of WISER’s existence.  I reflect on what we’ve accomplished and get energized about our mission.  But it is also the month that I am reminded of the many ways society does not value women like me.  

Usually, I would share these reminders, which range from subtle to blatant thoughtlessness.  But I have been listening to Kevin Hart’s The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success, which has me laughing and thinking about how to flip “negatives” into positives.

For example, when I am on panels about getting women back to work, I remind them that women is not synonymous with mothers and elaborate on the challenges of single women and work.  Rhonda can do it (work late, travel to meet clients, etc.).  She does not have any children.  I was recently thanked for making this point and asked what that person could do to thank a single woman coworker.  I said, acknowledge that what she does allows you to be a more present mother and thank her.  Then she knows you see and appreciate her. 

Perhaps, I should have also mentioned a gift card for a massage, spa day, or some other self-care gift.

In the chapter “Success,” Kevin says,

Celebrate and appreciate yourself for overcoming all the BS and obstacles along the way.

 I appreciate myself.  I know how to celebrate a birthday, an accomplishment, and WISER.  But I do not know how to celebrate myself.

What does celebrating oneself look like?

According to Sarah Powell:

It is celebrating who you are right now: not your future self and not the person you wish you were

I am more complex than this graphic, but it is a start to celebrating myself.  My identities complement, compete and empower me.  The center of who I am is a Black woman (girl) – the identity that has shaped my life after my first breath.

Over the next few days or months, please celebrate yourself for overcoming all the BS and obstacles along the way called life.

Tomorrow ends our birthday fundraiser.  If you have not donated, please consider donating to support our work.  Donations of $50 or greater will receive an autographed copy of “Parent Like It Matters: How To Raise Joyful, Change-Making Girls,” by Janice Johnson Dias.