A hub for research that promotes the well-being of women of color

To achieve this goal, WISER conducts and disseminates research on the well-being of women of color; conducts policy analysis to identify and minimize disparate impact to women of color; and propose public policies that are inclusive of the needs of women of color.

Our goal is to produce and disseminate research that influences public policy and promotes:
1. Equitable access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education,
2. Equitable access to health care, employment, housing and legal representation,
3. Equity in:
a) employment – earnings, compensation and promotion;
b) family structure – parental rights and marital status;
c) health outcomes – reproductive rights, mental health, health coverage, and family care;
d) penal punishment – conviction rates and sentencing;
e) education – access and equity to resources.


WISER’s interdisciplinary research team includes distinguished scholars from the social sciences, humanities and STEM disciplines who conducts quantitative and qualitative research that examines the intersection of gender, race, class, sexuality, and  nationality.